The Power of Two!

personal fitness trainingSo many people begin an exercise program with all the best intentions only to find themselves inacative and back on the couch after a couple of months.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to avoid this is to train with a friend, discover the Power of Two! This allows you to share the challenges, struggles, and also the laughs that you will encounter on your way to a life of better health and wellness.

When you make the decision to exercise with a friend you are more likely to set aside the time required because you have made a commitment, and this commitment is necessary for you to succeed. Exercising with a partner will prove beneficial to you both, as you help each other through the tough days, and you give and take support when needed.

Arranging to train with a friend can be enjoyable for you both. It can help you avoid plateaus in your progress and will provide you with some extra motivation as you reach for your health and fitness goals.

Why not strengthen your body, your mind, and even your friendship. Utilize The Power of Two and exercise with a friend; the benefits are far too many to count.

© Copyright 2006 by Bob Cater

Bob Cater, PTS, CAPT, is a Certified Personal Trainer Specialist and a Certified Advanced Personal Trainer. With a passion for endurance sports, Bob is also certified as an Endurance Sports Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Coach.

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