Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a trainer?

In addition to teaching you proper exercise technique and form, your professional Trainer will motivate and guide you towards your desired results. By helping you develop proactive habits, your trainer will help you enjoy exercise and a healthier lifestyle.

Why In-Home or On-Site Training?

Working with a professional Trainer On-Site eliminates excuses, travel time, and crowded facilities - allowing you to remained focused on your health and fitness program.

Can I train with my spouse or a friend?

Yes, we will be happy to train you with your spouse/friend in groups up to a maximum of 4 people.

Do you offer custom packages?

Yes, we will work with your requests in an attempt to satisfy your training requirements.

Do I need thousands of dollars in equipment?

No, a personalized fitness program can be developed with very limited equipment. If you do decide to invest in more equipment, we can help to ensure you get the equipment you need.

Can I get a program and workout on my own?

Yes, however working with a trainer regularly will help ensure safe and continued progress.

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