The Family Health Club

Personal Fitness TrainingAre you looking to be more physically active, but you’re not sure how to begin? Why not get the entire family involved by starting your own Family Health Club.

Introducing an active healthy lifestyle for you and your family doesn’t require an expensive membership to a fitness club or a basement full of pricey equipment. With a little creativity and some good family fun you can develop a program that will improve the quality of life for the entire family.

Gather together as a group and create a list of activities that everyone will enjoy. From this list, layout a schedule of activities and place this on your fridge so the entire family can see it regularly. Try to schedule two or three weeknights that include 30 – 40 minutes of activities, and plan an afternoon of family fun and fitness on the weekend.

Your weeknight activities can include anything from a brisk walk on your local trails, or a game of basketball in the driveway during the summer to a game of road hockey or even frozen frisbee in the winter months.

For your weekend activities, some household chores will provide for a warm up before you begin. You can then pack up some water and a healthy snack and make it a day of bicycling and baseball in the park. In the winter months a family day of skiing or an afternoon at the local bowling lanes might fill your day. To keep things fun and fresh, each month have a different family member suggest a new event for your upcoming weekend activities. Keep it flexible…keep it fun!

Use your imagination; there are an endless number of enjoyable ways to get active. So why not start your Family Health Club today, and enjoy the benefits of improved health and fitness as family.

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Bob Cater, PTS, CAPT, is a Certified Personal Trainer Specialist and a Certified Advanced Personal Trainer. With a passion for endurance sports, Bob is also certified as an Endurance Sports Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Coach.

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