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Personal Fitness TrainingWhen you make the decision to begin a new, healthier, and more active lifestyle, you are doing something for yourself - you are making an investment in your future. Not unlike any other investment, the results of this will be best measured over time. There will be highs and lows, your plan must be solid and your belief must remain strong.

Setting Goals: Achievable, realistic short term and long term goals are necessary for your plan to be successful. Set clearly defined, detailed short term goals such as: losing 15 lbs in 60 days rather than just saying I want to lose some weight. By doing this you now know exactly what you want to achieve and you have your target in sight. When this goal has been reached, start working on your next specific short term goal. This process will have you on a continuous path that leads toward achieving your long term goal.

Action Plan: Your path to success is developed here and now.  You must set a regular workout schedule and treat this as you would any other important appointment. Mentally prepare for every workout before you begin, think about the benefits and why you started. These visual changes along with the positive comments of those around you will keep your motivation level high.

Believe in Yourself: You have made the decision, your goals are set, and you have a mental image of where you want to go. Now you must believe in yourself and trust your plan. Those around you can provide support but it is you who must make the journey. It is a good idea to keep a logbook or journal of your daily activities. Results are the best motivation and your logbook may show you results before you can see it in your picture.

Keep it Simple: Whatever you choose as your activities, keep it simple and keep it fun. Stay focused, don't doubt your program.

Believe in Yourself - Challenge Yourself

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Bob Cater, PTS, CAPT, is a Certified Personal Trainer Specialist and a Certified Advanced Personal Trainer. With a passion for endurance sports, Bob is also certified as an Endurance Sports Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Coach.

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