Bob has been coming to my home 3 mornings a week for the past year. Bob is a firm believer in developing your core strength which at the beginning I did not understand...however after a year I can honestly say that by strengthening my core, my everyday living has improved both physically and mentally. I was able to enter my first 10 km run in my late 40's which I successfully completed. Bob's knowledge of the human body is very extensive, he's easily able to advise me on appropriate stretches and exercises to improve my weaknesses including poor posture. I firmly believe that in order to grow old gracefully, it's imperative to have a weight training regiment as part of your lifestyle...Thanks for all your help Bob.
Betty - Petersburg, Ontario

As someone who was never physically active Bob has taught me the benefits of regular exercise, I now look forward to my twice weekly workouts. Also after a busy day at work my stationary bike has proven to be a great stress reliever in addition to aiding in weight management...Thank you Bob.
Debbie - Cambridge, Ontario

I've been running for a few years with the goal of getting into better shape, however I struggled to achieve the results I wanted and became frustrated. By identifying a few areas of my routine that I could improve, Bob created a practical running and nutrition plan which has not only helped me achieve my goal, but has also improved my running performance. I have since taken part in two 5k races and truly enjoy my running...Thanks Bob.
Bobby - Cambridge, Ontario

After working with Bob for over a year, my fitness and energy level has increased dramatically. His knowledge of proper exercise form and technique has allowed me to exercise and gain strength while also increasing my flexibility...Thanks Bob.
Bill - Petersburg, Ontario

Bob delivered with benefits such as weight loss, improved balance, flexibility and increased energy. In addition, and more important to me would be Bob's ability to inspire confidence in myself, pride in my accomplishments, and to be happy with who I am. Bob managed to do all this with his vast knowledge of health and fitness, and his ability to explain it in a simple manner. With Bob's great sense of humour, and many words of encouragement, it's easy for anyone to be comfortable in his company. I can't thank Bob enough for what he's done for me.
Brenda - Cambridge, Ontario

Right from the first day Bob provided 100% professional service. Bob expressed a genuine interest in me, and recommended a very realistic approach to meet my needs and goals. I am very happy with the services Bob has provided me over the past few years...Thanks Bob
Saeed - Cambridge, Ontario

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