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Train with a Friend:  Friends can help keep training  fun...if it's fun, you will stick with it.  Friends can motivate and encourage each other, and support each other on the tough days. 

Variety: Periodically adding something new to your routine will enhance your program, you may also trick your body into burning more calories.

Consistency: Be sure you always make time for your workout.  If you really want results from your routine you must develop a regular,  consistant routine.

Rest: Sleep... are you getting enough rest? A decrease in metabolism can occur with insufficient sleep. Also your body will become inefficient which can result in a poor workout.

Stand Tall: Concentrate on maintaining good, strong posture.  Abdominals tight, shoulders back, and chest out will help you develop proper exercise form and technique.

Heart Rate: By using your heart rate as an indicator you can measure how hard you are working.  This will help ensure you are getting both a safe and effective workout.  Visit the Calculators  page to calculate your heart rate!

Progressive Changes: In order for you to continue to benefit from your workout you need to make progressive changes to your routine as your body adapts.  Your Get Fit Now trainer will gladly do this for you.

Goals: Set goals, both short term and also reach for something long term that you always thought might be impossible.  If you work hard, stay committed and train hard... the possibilities are endless!

Good Luck!

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